Working with management to insure the project’s success!

One of the most critical aspects of any project is that of working with management to insure the project’s success. With this come many concerns that must be addressed. The two most important factors that we will address in this discussion is that of expectations and communication.

The first topic that we will discuss is that of expectations. In order to manage the expectations of the managers within Kucera Clothiers the project manager overseeing the project must first discover and fully understand the managers within the organizations expectations. The PM must then make sure to inform the correct management of the risks that are involved with the project and insure them that those risks are being addressed. One of the best ways to insure that management is happy is by first, not promising anything that you are not sure that you can deliver. The second thing is to make sure that the team exceeds all expectations after the team has met all requirements for the project, in short, “under-promise and over-deliver”. (Bool, 2005)

Now that we have met and exceeded all expectations and managed the expectations of the management staff we must control and deliver a product that all staff members are excited about using. In order to accomplish this, the project manager should first involve management during the design, implementation, and training of the staff. This will provide the management involved a sense of ownership in the project and pride that will be needed to fully support the project going forward. The PM will want to also encourage upper management to be enthusiastic about the change and what it can provide the organization and the lower management’s staff. Next the PM will want to encourage lower management to sell the idea to their staff.

In conclusion, communication is the key to addressing and delivering the expectations of the management staff. Meeting and exceeding those expectations while at the same time doing so with confidence so as to not encourage questions is the key to delivering a new technology into an existing environment.

Bool, H. (2005, December 16). Change Management and Expectations. Retrieved November 7, 2010, from


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